Social Partners

We seek out partners in many corners of the community -- at churches, in businesses, at penal institutions and in key government positions. Each is encouraged to support the goals of the FRN within their respective sphere of influence. Leaders in the business community are needed for their practical, efficient suggestions and in-kind support. The Mayor and City Council, Social Services officials, the Governor's re-entry team, the Sheriff/Warden, and Case Officers from Child Support Enforcement, Probation, Child Protection and members of the court system in several communities are valuable resources for a full implementation of our integrated approach. Churches and non-profits supply mentors and practical needs.

Social Partner Network

Social Partner Network (PDF)

Initiating a City-wide Family Restoration Network

Public enthusiasm for the project can vary from “How soon can we start?” to “Can we step into this slowly, building consensus as we make progress along the way?” Each jurisdiction has its own unique needs, budgets and levels of participation. Our team is available to serve. We don’t dictate solutions, but merely provide guidance on the principles and systems that should be seriously considered to effect lasting change. Corporations, foundations and governments may find value in these transformative ideas leading to a provision of grant funds. Additionally, we have secured in-kind donations worth hundreds of thousands of dollars from world-class vendors. We can pilot the FRN process in any region ready to get started.