A primary goal of the Family Restoration Network is to suppress recidivism to 10% by working diligently with our cohort of post-release fathers. We work closely with those Wardens, Superintendents and Sheriffs who feel our goals are worthy of their cooperation.

Our premise is that a man who has minor children and who is interested in becoming a positive influence in their lives is more easily socialized than one who has only himself to consider. We select inmates within 24 months of release who fit our rigorous criteria. We promote a healthy relationship between each man and his child(ren). We assign a Family Coach to develop a Co-parenting Agreement with the mother of his child(ren), a Job Coach to prepare him for gainful employment through our Job Readiness Process and a Fatherhood Coach to facilitate conversations with government authorities in Child Support Enforcement and Probation/Parole. We provide a LOT of attention to our protégées to encourage them to live a productive, wholesome life.

We are well aware of the need to maintain public safety. Nothing in our work abridges that primary responsibility. However, we also realize that each of these men will one day leave the facility, hopefully to never return. To that end, for each man in our cohort, we would like to conduct assessments, classes and one-on-one interviews to develop his emotional and financial stability. Again, our services are best delivered 3-24 months before his return to society.

If approved, we will install modern video visitation technology to facilitate communication with these men. There is no charge for the equipment. Some of the value this system provides include:

  • Reducing the risk of prisoner movement
  • Facilitating communication with family members, thus reducing the risk of isolation
  • Promoting connection with non-profits and faith-based groups without a live visit
  • Increasing security and decreasing staffing needs by reducing contact visits
  • Professionally taping all video visits for your review

Several applications have been found for this technology. At one Virginia jail, for example, 80 men have voluntarily enrolled to open a dialogue with the local Child Support office. Of those that have been released and started to work with us, 100% are making voluntary independent support payments and 100% have jobs.

There is much to discuss. Kindly call us at 804-798-3355 to open a dialog with our Founder, Eric Samuelson. Thank you.