In some regions, District Attorneys and Judges have implemented alternatives to traditional sentencing for non-violent offenders. If a father owes $10,000 in child support, placing him in jail for four months only compounds the problem. We propose that the justice officials “sentence” such men to the Family Restoration Network. We are successfully working with such men in a post-release environment already. Many find gainful employment after submitting to our Job Readiness Predictor™ system. They make voluntary payment of social debt such as court costs/fines and restitutions. We are ready to open a dialog in those regions amenable to fresh solutions to tough social problems.

We spoke with Captain Keller of the Portsmouth (Virginia) City Jail, to review the progress of the HomeWAV communication Pilot Program and how the distribution of the brochures and questionnaires are being received by the newly incarcerated inmates.  The inmates are spreading the word throughout the Jail about the PRRE program and responding to Divison of Child Support Enforcement through handwritten letters asking to know more about this program and how they can start paying toward their child support obligation payments.  HomeWAV communication is an effective method for opening the line of communication prior to the fathers' release.  

"Because of your video communication system we are now receiving addresses and open communication from men who have avoided us for years.  Men used to run from us, but the relationships are changing for the better".  Cherri Sullivan, Support Enforcement Specialist 

Child Support Enforcement Officials should know that we will prepare your clients to get and keep jobs and to begin making voluntary, independent payments.

Partner Aspirations:

For government partners  we have organized this system to avoid disruption to any work in your agency.  Our goal is to simplify, to bring efficiencies, and to become "trusted brokers" who can be relied upon.  Specifically:

  • For Probation and Parole, we have a goal to suppress recidivism to less than 10% with no fudging of the data.
  • For the Sheriffs and Wardens, God bless you for keeping the bad guys away from us, but we also know that some of your inmates made very unwise choices that led to incarceration.  Please help us identify them, train them, and set them on a successful "Heroic Journey" rather than a "Villain's Journey".  Also, to strengthen relationships between the inmate and his family, we would like to install a video conferencing cabinet in a secure place inside your facility at no charge whatsoever to you.

FRN has earned an excellent reputation with statewide CPS officials, because our graduates make voluntary, independent payments without duress.