This semester, a senior class in the Randolph Macon College Department of Environmental Studies is creating an Operations Manual for erecting a Restoration Farms greenhouse on the grounds of Virginia jails and prisons. These facilities will house a valuable aquaponics operation, raising Tilapia fish and hydroponic plants in an ecologically friendly environment.

The class is building a prototype of the greenhouse at the Ashland Berry Farm in late March.

Since many men returning from incarceration carry a stigma denying them legitimate employment, we decided to create an enterprise of our own.

Restoration Farms

A Job Skills Project to Train Inmates for Gainful, Post-release Employment

June 25, 2015

The Family Restoration Network (FRN), a 501(c)3 corporation headquartered in Ashland Virginia works closely with incarcerated fathers of minor children who are keenly interested in being a positive, wholesome influence in the lives of their offspring upon release. FRN has conducted its fatherhood programs for offenders in a number of jails and one prison in Virginia, including Richmond City Jail, Deep Meadow Correctional Center and Peumansend Creek Regional Jail.

In late August, representatives from the Henrico County Sheriff's office, Randolph-Macon College, Ashland Berry Farm and the Family Restoration Network met in the "Upper Room" in Ashland to develop some structure around the upcoming research project at the college.