This semester, a senior class in the Randolph Macon College Department of Environmental Studies is creating an Operations Manual for erecting a Restoration Farms greenhouse on the grounds of Virginia jails and prisons. These facilities will house a valuable aquaponics operation, raising Tilapia fish and hydroponic plants in an ecologically friendly environment.

The class is building a prototype of the greenhouse at the Ashland Berry Farm in late March.

Since many men returning from incarceration carry a stigma denying them legitimate employment, we decided to create an enterprise of our own.

What We're Doing Now

Restoration Farms

A Job Skills Project to Train Inmates for Gainful, Post-release Employment

June 25, 2015

The Family Restoration Network (FRN), a 501(c)3 corporation headquartered in Ashland Virginia works closely with incarcerated fathers of minor children who are keenly interested in being a positive, wholesome influence in the lives of their offspring upon release. FRN has conducted its fatherhood programs for offenders in a number of jails and one prison in Virginia, including Richmond City Jail, Deep Meadow Correctional Center and Peumansend Creek Regional Jail.

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