Incarceration Nation

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America has criminalized father-absence.   Without excusing their bad behavior, we're coming into the jails and prisons to redeem those who made bad decisions because Daddy was never home.

Moses went to Pharaoh to retrieve the children of Israel.  He told the ruler, "Thus says the Lord: 'Let my people go!'"

Likewise, we're going to the Wardens and Sheriffs and District Attorneys and Judges, saying "Let God's people go."


We believe the Lord is building a new nation from a disenfranchised, imprisoned citizenry.  He is reaching out to those who are "the least of these."  He is calling to those men whose fathers abandoned them.  He is saying, "I will be a father to the fatherless.  I am the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  I operate across generations, transferring love and values and wisdom and wealth.  Father-son relationships are in the very fibers of my heart.  I sent My own Son as a witness to this powerful truth.”

When the Prodigal son returned home, his father saw him coming "afar off." He ran to his boy and kissed him and immediately dedicated a feast to his honor.  The Family Restoration Network is likewise running to the imprisoned prodigals while they are yet “afar off” -- months away from release.  We are shouting, on behalf of our Lord: "Welcome home those who are weary and lonely and brokenhearted.  Like Jesus, we do not condemn you.  Come with us and sin no more.  Enter into your Father's rest.  It is His good pleasure to give you His Kingdom.”

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Eric Samuelson


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