The Winslow Relationship

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For 17 years I have been a consultant for the Winslow Research Institute (WRI) out of Discovery Bay, California. WRI markets a very professional, personality assessment, useful in pre-employment screening and the development of staff members. Tapping some relational equity with the founder, William Winslow, I asked him to consider providing a low or no-cost set of profiles for the inmates in Portsmouth and Richmond City Jail and at Deep Meadow Prison. He asked, “What do you need?” I replied, “We need to profile about 100 men at each of three locations.” Winslow immediately replied, “I'm in,” and provided 300 Dynamics Profiles at no cost ($60,000 street value). This was an incredible act of generosity and demonstrated a sincere heart for these prisoners. We now had a personality assessment and skills assessment at our disposal.

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Eric Samuelson


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