The Skilldex Relationship

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After realizing the need for employers to understand the skillset of prospective employees who were still incarcerated, we set out to find the best online skills assessment. We heard of a group, Edison Systems, in Dearborn Michigan which had landed on the INC 5000 list of the fastest growing companies in America. We asked for a demonstration. Kevin Watson and Will Owen gave us an online tour whichdeeply impressed both of us. To our request for training certification, they replied, “Sorry, but we don't certify outside professionals.  We have 400 employees. You seem like nice guys, so you're welcome to come work for us, but we don't train outside parties to represent our services.” I replied, “Yes, but we have dozens of men in VA prisons and jails who could benefit from your program.” They said, “We'd love to help, but we just don't certify.” I said, “Take me to your leader.” We held a conference call with their CEO and President and showed how their skills assessment could be powerfully applied as we conducted The Job Readiness PredictorTM.

To their credit the leaders of Edison Systems said “We want to help. We will make an exception for you.” So Dr. Cardwell and I soon drove to Michigan to be certified.

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Eric Samuelson


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