1. Father absence is a menace to public health, public safety, and regional economics.
  2. Father absence is not a racial issue; it impacts all of America.  However, it is a social justice issue as it disproportionately impacts the African American community where 80% of all African American children can now expect to spend at least a significant of their childhood years living apart from their fathers.  Even more disconcerting, according to the National Urban League, boys who grow up without fathers are more likely to become unmarried fathers themselves at a young age, perpetuating the cycle of absentee fatherhood.  Girls growing up without fathers are more likely to fall victim to early sexual involvement and teenage pregnancy, perpetuating the cycle of single-parenthood.  Boys raised in single parent homes are twice as likely (and boys raised in step-families three times as likely) to commit a crime leading to incarceration. A child growing up without both parents also faces a greater risk of becoming a victim of child abuse.