Business Leaders

The Network recognizes that a father who loves his children often feels shame and guilt if he lacks the means to financially support them. If he has skirted the edges of the law, or crossed over the line in the past, he may fall back into foolish behavior when pressured. Therefore, to prepare him to re-enter civil society, we conduct Track 2 of our process -- “The Job Readiness Predictor”.

For those employers willing to interview our Returning Fathers, we plan to send you pre-screened, qualified men who are ready to perform their job duties in an exemplary manner. To that end, we conduct a highly professional pre-employment assessment, The Winslow Profile, which measures 24 personality traits on a 1-10 scale. We compare the results to the requirements of your open job to determine each man’s suitability. We also run the Skilldex assessment to discover the specific skills in each man that we might want to send to you for an interview.

Based on these two assessments, we run a Gap Analysis on each Returning Father to ensure that you consider only those most suitable.   You will have told us the jobs you want filled and we will try to match those requirements. In most cases our men come with bonding letters and potential employer tax credits as well. Please speak with our Employer Relations Specialist to find out more.

One more point: all of the candidates we send you are mentored by a Fatherhood Coach. We attempt to socialize men who may never have known the love of their Dad. Certain personality traits may still need to be polished. So, after hiring one of the Returning Fathers in our program, if you have a problem with his behavior, please call his Coach before terminating the man. We promise to have a serious discussion with him in the hopes of finding a solution.  

Through this process we hope to earn your trust in our ability to pre-screen candidates and resolve problems as they may arise. If you wish to consider interviewing a Returning Father in our network, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and a specialist will handle your enquiry.