If you want to know the endgame of the FRN, see the attached picture.  This is Daimon Winstead dancing with his daughter at a recent Daddy-Daughter Dance in Richmond.  We first met Daimon as an inmate at Richmond City Jail.  He had a hard look, long dreadlocks, tattoos and wore a jail jumpsuit.  To say he carried an intimidating air is an understatement.

He recently completed the 16 week Fatherhood Resource Class, now has two jobs, and is repatriated with his lovely daughter.  He told his Fatherhood Coach, Jason Boswell, “Since I was 10 years old, no one has ever helped me do anything.”  He’s now 39.  Essentially “orphaned” at a young age, he is still supple enough to receive the love and the services we have provided. Do you think his daughter will need to look to a boy on the street to validate her feminine identity?  Or is her daddy filling that role in a wholesome, nurturing way?  What are the social implications of this?