We had an historic gathering in the Upper Room of FRN cohorts (about 20 people) for 5 wonderful hours. New people were introduced all around, progress reviewed, the new website highlighted, and the vision recast. By all measures of information transfer, relationships strengthening, spiritual renewal, and organizational growth, our time together met our greatest hopes. In addition, there were some new culture making standards and ideals set forth by our founders:


God has 2 priorities: family (from the moment of creation) and reentry. After learning that Adam had violated His command, God began a re-entry ministry by providing clothing, a job readiness/feeding program (in the sweat of your face you shall eat bread and the herb of the field) and a strategic re-entry plan to send His Son to redeem mankind back to HimselfFamily and reentry are also the 2 core values of FRN. Our vision includes a role as trust broker within the corrections community through a culture of excellence. We were connected and are drawn together by our relationships and we need to protect them.

Wendell Globig